Photo: Peter Stanglmayr

Rima Rabbath

Beirut, Paris, New York. These cities' streets, schools and sounds have molded Rima. After a career in corporate marketing and a notable presence in Manhattan's club scene, she found her calling as a yoga teacher at the Jivamukti School in 2006. She intends her class to be an invitation to join her universe of music, sweat, love and endless possibilities.


La Musique

Rima's carefully curated music during her classes brings another layer to her teaching. Deepening, expanding and enriching the whole experience. La Musique is where she shares her musical background and class playlists.

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Practice with Rima

Rima is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher living and teaching in NYC.




“Rima is my number one survival tool in NYC. Better than therapy and cheaper than rehab.”
— James Lowther - Owner and Founder, The Lacquer Company

“Rima is a brilliant yoga teacher with a true gift. Her classes are both physically challenging and emotionally uplifting, and… She plays incredible music. I always leave her class feeling happier than when I arrived”.
— Heather Graham - Actress

“Rima’s classes are medicine. But not like any other medicine I’ve ever known to exist, for they go right to the source of everything — to what’s broken and to what’s perfectly whole inside of us… Her devotion to the practice surfaces in the glimmer of her eyes and in that sweet raspy voice that makes us all swoon and smile…”
— Shira Atkins - Associate Editor,