Rima is my number one survival tool in NYC. Better than therapy and cheaper than rehab.
James Lowther, Owner and Founder, The Lacquer Company
Rima's class is hands down my favorite in the city. She kicks your ass and gets all the demons out. She has great taste in music too!
Juan Carlos Castro, Creative/Art Director, Grey Group
Rima is a brilliant yoga teacher with a true gift. Her classes are both physically challenging and emotionally uplifting, and… She plays incredible music. I always leave her class feeling happier than when I arrived.
Heather Graham, Actress
I'm addicted! The combo of Rima's straight talking, heartfelt dharma, pumping kirtan, and fun and flowy sequence mixed to hot tracks, make this a yoga experience that I never want to miss. Plain and simple: Rima rocks.
Alyssa Miller, PR Consultant & Media Specialist
She rocks the dharma.
Ali Van Putten, Twitter Account Executive & Jivamukti Teacher
Rima is the rare once-in-a-lifetime ethereal person that I have been lucky to study yoga with… There is an anticipation standing on your mat before her class starts knowing that her blend of music, humor, community and instruction will inspire and elevate the entire class.
W. Ross German, Fashion Industry Consultant
I have never come across another teacher with Rima's unique talent for individually connecting with people and bringing them to the edge. Her deep and intuitive knowledge of the human body and mind is born out of an intense and on-going personal practice that gives her an unguarded authenticity and easy ability to speak from the heart. Her class is an inclusive invitation to join her intoxicating world of music, sweat, love and infinite possibilities. 
Sara Miller, Sales & Business Development Specializing in Startups

Rima’s soundtracks alone are enough to make you a repeat offender; however it’s her exquisite light that follows you long after class is over that makes you wonder how you can skip it all and make it back on your mat. I feel deeply fortunate to be her student - for what’s nearing a decade now.

Cristiana Sadigianis, Producer

Whether Rima is jamming out to electronica or swaying to Radiohead, her heart, mind and soul are always with you, because she is the ultimate teacher’s student, and student’s teacher.
Lauren Imparato, Founder, I.AM.YOU Yoga
Rima saves. Literally. Every class. Again and again.
Mallory Norton, Writer & Branded Entertainment Producer, NBC Universal
Rima is without a doubt one of the best teachers I've ever had the pleasure of taking class from. Rima is one of those rare teachers that make you choose the yoga studio because that’s where she teaches.
Lee Hoffman, Co-founder & CEO, Memoir (Tech Startup)
I have never met a teacher that is more committed to her students than Rima. She makes every single student feel loved and through that is able to help nurture the practice in a way that few teachers can.
Amanda Casgar, Director, Brand & Community, Lululemon Athletica Asia
Rima’s classes are medicine. But not like any other medicine I’ve ever known to exist, for they go right to the source of everything — to what’s broken and to what’s perfectly whole inside of us… Her devotion to the practice surfaces in the glimmer of her eyes and in that sweet raspy voice that makes us all swoon and smile…
Shira Atkins, Associate Editor,
Rima’s class is a blend of all that she derives from her intense devotion to her practice, her deep respect for the teachings and her fierce love of/and amazing taste in music, and its transformative qualities.
Maria Borromeo, CEO and Partner, Thakoon
There is a rare combination of bravery, wit, tenacity, and warmth to how she teaches and how she lives... In the end, Rima is the kind of teacher who always leads you back to yourself.
Kari Woldum, Design Buyer & Writer
I could rhapsodize on and on about Rima for hours. I was hooked from day one, reluctant to believe that I could have stumbled upon such a perfect teacher so quickly… Taking one of Rima’s classes is like a long cold drink of water- it’s soooo incredibly pleasurable!
Davina Wood, JP Morgan Chase
Rima has a natural sense of humor and an ability to make people comfortable in her presence. Her rock star like popularity is only matched by her genuine humility…
Deepak Tayal, Hedge Funder
It is beautiful to watch Rima in action - doing what she does best - command a room full of yogis, listening to her every word as she takes them on a journey. Rima’s class is my sanctuary in NYC. 
Richard Simone, Commercial Real Estate Broker & Founder, Windsor Realty Advisors
From the moment I hear Rima’s soulful chant at the start of class, I am instantly brought into the present… She inspires us with her wisdom and humor as she brings her incredibly deep and extensive knowledge of yoga to every class and student.
Richard Pietromonaco, Chef Proprietor

Rima "wheels" me into eternal bliss! 
Barbara Pfister, Casting Director

Within the first few minutes, I realized I had found something I didn't even know I was looking for: a spiritual teacher.  
Jen Kluczkowski, Co-Founder of MindFresh & Jivamukti Teacher
Rima takes you on a spiritual journey on the magic carpet like no one else. 
Juan Sierra, Furniture Conservation & Jivamukti Teacher
Rima keeps it real and spiritual – there is energy, there is edge, there is perfection and all of that is given so generously to us. She is an amazing being who cares, and for that I will always be thankful to her teaching me!
Dora Vardis, COO, Metropolitan Capital Advisors Hedge Fund

It stands out from all other classes--because of her. Her passion for her students, building and creating community, and her teachings of life lessons, and sensitivity to all is what brings her students back time and time again.  
James DeSantis, Interior Designer & Co-founder of Manscapers NY

Through practicing with Rima, I've been able to feel my heart. She holds space lovingly and gives the gift of presence. 
Khanh Pham, Finance Executive & Mother 

Taking a yoga class with Rima is like undergoing a metamorphosis, a transformation every single time. To take a class with Rima is to truly discover a better version of oneself.
Kanchan Koya, Ph.D, Founder, Spice Spice Baby

In a city where it's easy to lose yourself in the rush of anonymity, Rima is a true gift. She knows the name of nearly every student. You'll learn more from her hands guiding you than you will from hearing the pose described by anyone else.
Amy Azzarito, Writer, Editor, Content Strategist
I hold infinite gratitude and limitless love for Rima. She has taught me to love, give, co-create and connect in ways that have transformed my life.
Liz Friedland, Founder, LFC & Co-Creator, Kismet KG
Rima is my alchemist. She and her class are the elixir that helps my human body transcend my base ego and travel back to its noble soul.
Sue Costello, Comedian and Professional Badass

Rima is the perfect elixir and complement to living in NYC.
Alana Varel, Founding Partner of Starworks Group & Mother of 3
Rima is pure love. She is authenticity personified.
Olivia Anselmo, Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher

Rima is the epitome of grace, love and pure energy. The energy she shares with her class cannot be replicated.
Melissa Brasier, Designer

My teacher has removed the illusion of who I thought I was and of all the limitations I felt… She allowed me to tap into that blissfulness and infinite possibility that is within.
Kyle Miller, Jivamukti Teacher & Co-founder of Love Yoga, Venice CA

Rima is a bright light that makes the world a better place. I am grateful to know her and to be her student.
Mark Lapico, Executive Chef, Jean-Georges Restaurant
Each yoga experience with her gives you the wings to rise, shine and glow, now.
Emilie Rambaud, CEO & Founder of Emile And The Stars

Rima’s class is home.
Alison Hilton, School Teacher & Psychologist