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 Sydney, Australia - Xmas 2016.

Sydney, Australia - Xmas 2016.

"Yoga Asana makes what seems implicit, explicit. It shows us why and how we get triggered out of nowhere and react disproportionally under certain, very specific circumstances. It’s only when we recognize that some stuff is hardwired in us and then choose to build a new circuitry in our mind, choose to develop a new range of motion in our body that we can begin to move in a new direction. That’s when the list of possible ways of being opens up." 

"Alignment principles in Yoga Asana are a form of Checks & Balances. They are there to determine how far we can intelligently & safely move. It's the safety net that precedes the experience of spaciousness."

"While the protective mechanisms embedded in our physical body are often facts, the ones we’ve created in our minds are just an idea. An idea can be debated, it can be turned around, it can expand. In one of his last speeches as president, Barak Obama reminded us that politics are a battle of ideas - ideas, which can and should be debated, but facts he said, cannot be denied. And that’s really what we are working with in yoga – questioning, exploring, understanding through experience what is an idea and what is a fact."

"Bhakti Yoga, which is commonly translated as the Yoga of Devotion, comes from the Sanskrit root ‘bhaj’. Bhaj means to engage in, to share with, to experience, to participate. Like when we are in an asana, for us to have the most meaningful experience, we don’t just take that seat. We participate with our breathing, with our attention. We project something into the asana and by doing so we become more than just a spectator."


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