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 Wooster Street Rooftop - August 2015

Wooster Street Rooftop - August 2015

at ease in the world

"Our evolution as practitioners of yoga asana doesn’t depend on how advanced of a posture we can take but has more to do with the spirit we bring to it."
"The interconnectedness, the interdependence, the inherent support that we experience on our mat - our most natural habitat – inevitably brings about a feeling of being at home everywhere. And that’s yoga: to feel at home and at ease in the world."
"The practices of yoga invite us to reset our home screen every time we feel disconnected, every time we forget our basic goodness. That’s why these practices are said to be practices of remembrance, practices that take us back home, back to our home screen."
"In the practice of yoga asana, we are invited to allow parts of ourselves that might feel unfamiliar to us, forms that might seem different from us, to surprise us by their intelligence so that we can evolve."


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