W O R D S:


"My personal experience of Yoga Asana is that it’s a platform through which we can address and explore certain unresolved patterns in a safe and empowering environment. But what’s also interesting is that while the practice invites us to find a sense of personal freedom & in-dependence, it simultaneously encourages us to realize and appreciate the inter-dependence of our reality – that is our interconnectedness with a larger, greater world."

"The spaciousness we experience through the practice of Yoga Asana feels as if we are all of a sudden, upgrading from a tiny room in the basement to a room with a view. We now have the room to view - the room to see something else, something other than our own opinions & ideas, something other than our ‘caught-up-ness’ as Pema Chödrön would say. To me that's a close-up on emptiness or śūnyatā."

"The invitation Yoga Asana offers is to acknowledge and embrace our differences. The practice trains us in relating to those differences with fondness and playfulness. In fact, inherent to the asana practice is difference. There are hundreds and hundreds of different asanas. It is even said that there are as many asanas as there are species. Imagine that! As many asanas as there are species. This is very telling. It is a reminder that the asana practice is first and foremost a practice of celebration of the vast network of bodies that we come into contact with."

"Yoga Asana is a practice that prepares us to take whatever seat life offers us. We might need to modify at times but the idea is that no matter how challenging or uncomfortable that seat, that situation, that relationship, that encounter is, we can always feel ready and at ease."


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