The mission of Souk is to bring together artists and practitioners of yoga, creating connection to last a lifetime. Traditionally, a place where people put aside their differences to exchange goods and information. In Sanskrit, Sukh सुख् is referred to as a place centered in joy. The Souk is all about exchange -exchange of talent, knowledge, energy, and products


Rima Rabbath is so much more than a yoga teacher – she takes on the role of a friend, mentor, teacher, guiding light and spiritual conduit with a strong emphasis on love and connection. 

She has an innate ability to relate, engage and inspire while holding space for anyone entering the teachings and practice of yoga. As a student of Sharon Gannon, David Life, Lady Ruth and Eddie Stern, Rima is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher, and plays an active role in training and mentoring aspiring teachers.

As Founder of Souk, Rima is known and adored throughout the world for her expertise, humor and ability to share the ancient teachings of yoga in the most accessible way. Her foundation is deeply rooted in the devotion of and gratitude for her students and often shares that “there would be no teacher without students.”

Prior to transitioning into teaching yoga full-time, Rima earned an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and worked in corporate marketing at Colgate-Palmolive. Despite many years of excelling in the business world, she felt a somewhat stagnant energy that wasn’t fully expressed; she was seeking a balance of mental stimulation, physical movement and spiritual practice. Immediately she resonated with Jivamukti Yoga - a place where people from all walks of life come together to chant in Sanskrit and practice asana, two very ancient practices, whose universal vibration and appeal has the capacity to resonate within us all.  



Rima’s life began with an unusual upbringing in the war-torn city of Beirut, where at any given moment she and her family would have to drop everything and hide in an underground shelter – from a couple days to a few weeks – literally living each day minute to minute. Growing up this way taught her to make the most of each moment, finding beauty, stimulation, and joy in the every moment, here and now. What she did not foresee is that yoga would enter her life and turn out to be the perfect expression of this knowing and belief system.

Another defining experience includes Rima’s competitive tennis career, which cultivated a deep understanding of having a commitment to a daily practice. This training paved the way for Rima to recognize that yoga is also daily practice, one that when practiced with consistency leads to a special kind of freedom.


From her undergraduate studies in Paris to weekends spent on dance floor at NYC’s Twilo, music has played a defining role in Rima’s life trajectory and means of self-expression. Today, music resonates with and illuminates her classes, always creating a particular vibe with each thoughtfully curated playlist echoing the message she’s conveying. For Rima, music is an amazing universal language that connects us all to shared experiences, joy and life. 


A true sense of equality and sameness energizes each class. By co-creating with her students, Rima approaches each class with a humble, authentic, and sincere attitude that clearly sets her apart. Her unique character, modern style, and wise understanding of yogic tradition enable her to present insightful dharma talks blending ancient and modern teachings, setting the tone for a collective and profound personal experience. 


Rima’s rich cultural and global upbringing is what allows her to uniquely relate and connect with students all over the world. She recognizes that yoga is a true mirror for individual growth and acceptance by bringing people from all walks of life together in one place with the shared interest and passion for yoga. Equally devoted to her students she is equally mirrored by them, and them for her. Her vision and purpose is to be a vehicle for sharing the teachings of her yogic ancestry and to articulate the message in a relatable and accessible way. 


“There is an overwhelming feeling of similarity and sameness that we so often try to deny ourselves as we aspire to be differentiate ourselves and stand out. The feeling of likeness was so present that I wanted to be part of that movement and I knew that by teaching it would be part of my life and I would be part of many other people's life.”


You can find Rima at Jivamukti Yoga in NYC where she teaches six classes each week. When she’s not in the studio she is scouring the web for music and creating playlists, preparing her next dharma talk or planning SOUK events.